Total Tech for Non - Techies

Relax. We know your pain. You feel like you should know these things. But hey, you spent years hitting the medical books not the computer lab. So let us help walk you through a few things that just might make life and business easier.



Here's my discussion of Full Slate. Want to finally automate your patient appointment calendar? Maybe even offer appointments online? Limited Tech Experience?  I think Full Slate is a fantastic first step! It's free until you get patients to acutally book online. Nothing to lose and everything to gain as we say!!


For years when consulting for doctors, I have been trying to cobble together different systems to create a Patient Relationship Management program. (In the business world they are called Customer Relationship Management systems). Clinic ND has patient management, SOAP notes, email reminders, appointment booking, EMR, patient billing with ICD9 and ICD10 codes. Oh and the big news; it has dispensary management! Hear what Dr. K.C. Bateman has to say about his experience with Clinic ND.