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Thanks for all you do, Karyn! you are kinda-freakin-amazing!!!
— Abigail Aiyepola, ND
Great Results, Expert, Creative

I have been working with Karyn for almost 2 months in 90 Days to Practice Transformation. As a recent graduate, I couldn’t ask for a more pertinent, timely, creative and exquisitely detailed program to learn how to transform my practice into one that will attract and keep patients. I am only half way through the program and I feel that I have learned so much about attracting the type of patients that want to work with me and who I want to work with. I am understanding what my strengths are in business and where I still need to put more time and energy. Understanding the social media outlets in the current market is so important. This was not stressed enough during my business training in school. Every week, I look forward to our Thursday phone calls. I expect what I am learning with Karyn will last way beyond the 90 days of the program. I highly recommend Karyn as an innovative, desirable business consultant to transform your business or help to get it going.
— Maggie Luther, ND

I highly recommend 90 days. As a new doctor in practice the experience of KEW was invaluable and will continue to inform my practice as I continue to build a dynamic and sustainable practice.

~Annette Sacksetter ND/EAMP

I am grateful that the bootcamp saved me from a disaster and one that would be costly. The feedback you have provided us with allowed me to zero in on things that were not working and also ones that I may not have picked up on quickly . . . I want to thank you for providing me with tools to deal with some early growing pains . . . I just wanted to share this with you because I believe in providing feedback especially when it has been beneficial. Thanks so much.
— Leah Hollon, ND MHP
Karyn was extremely helpful in brainstorming about ideas and concepts for branding our new upcoming office. She really helps one focus and wrangle all those random circulating thoughts to a clear and concise concept. Thank you so much Karyn!
— Vaughn Bowman, ND

As a low tech ND who is not especially business savvy, I found pearls in each of the sessions.  Their passion and commitment to our success is catching, and I was definitely inspired to push beyond my comfort zone.
Thank you!

~ Pamela Gould, ND

I really enjoyed the step-by-step help in building and marketing a practice.  I've been in practice for 3 years, found the suggestions to be very useful, and I've seen an increase in business already!

~Rebecca Ford, MND

The information received was so helpful from so many vantage points. Looking forward to continuing to implement all I have learned and continuing to improve my practice. Thank you!

~Melanie Ellis ND

I would highly recommend the 90 day sessions with Karyn.  They are genuinely concerned with helping us learn new ways to optimize our websites and social media.  I felt like I was working with a friend vs a management company.  Karyn was very helpful and spent extra time with me and researched my questions and got answers for me right away.  I really enjoyed all the special guest speakers they had on the sessions.  Thanks for all your help!

~Teresa Sanez DC