Tech Tuesdays - Recap and Check List

Let's Recap!

Well our 3 month Tech Tuesday series with Dr. Andrew Brandeis has come to an end!

Today, we decided to give you the broad overview of our topics and some insight as to how all the tech tools fit together.

Here are some highlights of today's call.

Google Apps for Business

You need to have a branded email. ( It is just not professional to have a gmail, aol, comcast or other email host. Not only is it not professional, it's not legal. Google Apps for Business is fully HIPAA compliant. Click here to learn more about this feature.

EMR- Electronic Medical Records

Everyone must start to move to EMR soon, and especially if you bill insurance. Once you just start, it will get easier. You don't have to move your entire database of patients all at once.

Clinical Reference Tools

Dr Brandeis shared his favorite tech tools he uses daily in his practice.

  • Up-to-Date
  • Epocrates
  • SharePractice

Content Management Systems for your website

Your website stands in for you 24/7. If it is outdated, your patients will think YOU and your protocols are not up to date.
Review of three popular systems:

  • Strikingly
  • Wordpress
  • Squarespace

Social Media and SEO

Make sure your message is branded.
How Social Media helps with SEO.

  • Yelp (and linkage to your website)
  • Google Maps
  • Google Places for Business

OK-that's the recap! Thanks for joining us and let us know if you have any questions in the comment box below!

PS- here's the cheat sheet!


CMS- Content Management Systems News!


On the Webinar: We spoke about all the new tech tools in the world of websites!

Yes- things change quickly in website developement and it is your good fortune to have new ways to develop a stunning website.

We spoke about:

  • Aesthetics and some new stats.
  • How to Optimize for the End User
  • Personalizing your Site
  • Mobile Enabled. MUST. HAVE.

Then we unveiled the pros and cons of several CMS systems. What you need to know before you speak to a web designer. 

Questions? Just click on the comment box and fire away! 


Google Apps for Business- Tech Tuesdays

Did you miss today's presentation?

Branded Email, Secure Forms, Document Storage. Google Apps for Business has you covered!

One of the primary reasons for purchasing ( nominal cost) Google Apps for Business is for a branded email. It is no longer professional to have a gmail, yahoo, earhtlink, aol, hotmail account for your patients! 

Another great asset for Google Apps for Business is the opportunity to create secure forms.

Secure Forms can be used for Patient Demographics or Patient Intake, Lab Reports, and Supplement Orders! They are easy to create, embed on your website or send. And your data resides in one place and is never lost.  

Once you start to use these forms you will find a multitude of uses! 

Here is my video on how to create and use these handy dandy forms! 



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Thanks for joining us!