YES, it does work. And it can work for your practice, too!

Here are just 5 of the many practices that we have rehabilitated to 'star status' via  the SBRX model.

Before SBRX:  A great niche, but not all the pieces jelled on the website.
After SBRX:  A bold platform that seamlessly encompasses store, blog, and worldwide consultation practice.
Dr. Christine Doherty

Before SBRX:  A dynamite practitioner still searching for a strong voice.
After SBRX:  A clear, dramatic, and resonating statement of purpose: "Natural Healthcare Works!"
Dr. Melonni Dooley

Before SBRX:  A passionate professional in search of a new look.
After SBRX:  A wholesale visual and textual content makeover that casts "same old, same old" to the wayside.
Dr. Vera Singleton

Before SBRX:  The headaches of dealing with issues from relocating a practice.
After SBRX:  A classy site for a virtual practice featuring pitch perfect -- and effective --"Calls to Action."
Dr. Katherine Neubauer
Before SBRX:  A top professional in need of a brand statement.
After SBRX:  The succinct message that beautifully summarizes this SIBO expert's practice.
Dr. Melanie Keller