Dr. Andrew Brandeis Announces SHARE PRACTICE Here.

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We are so jazzed to offer this very informative call for our SBRX followers!

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Care Practice is the most innovative and successful integrative medical practices in the Bay Area.

Dr Andrew Brandeis is responsible for Care Practice’s explosive growth and credits social media, a dynamic scheduling application and a tech-savvy entrepreneurial spirit with the practice’s dramatic success.

In this webinar he talks about:

  • Building Care Practice almost entirely with Social Media like YELP and Facebook.
  • How they grew the practice 25% overnight with a new online scheduling software.
  • Why he created SHARE Practice.  It’s a beta version of an app designed like Epocrates that functions like Yelp. Doctors author treatments for specific conditions, and other doctors agree/disagree with those therapeutics. In just a few weeks after launch, Share Practice has over 100 doctors who have added more than 400 integrative and conventional treatments. It’s very simple, very powerful and built in a format that makes sense to a clinical practice.

Awesome is an overused word to be sure. But we are having a hard time finding a better word to describe this great webinar.

BUT we are pretty darn sure you are going to love it!

Sign up here for the Live Webinar on June 25th at 12:30 HERE.

Can’t make the LIVE call? No Worries. Sign up and we’ll send you the link for the recording to listen to on your next walk, workout or as you drive to work.

See you there!

CLD, AB and Kew