That sound you hear is the business of

natural healthcare marching to a brand new beat.

Get ready because Success Bootcamp’s

90 Days to Practice Transformation

is LAUNCHING a new series that will rock healthcare… naturally. We are absolutely jazzed by the extraordinary demand we found following our successful clinical study. We’re proud to announce that our THIRD

90 Days to Practice Transformation NEW YEAR- YOUR YEAR

session is open for enrollment



{ New & Expanded Materials. Always}

Our first and second TRANSFORMATION series was the best of both worlds. 

Not only did we connect with practitioners, who immediately began re-energizing their practices, we learned by listening to insightful comments and valuable feedback from those who participated.

The results: 


90 Days to Practice Transformation


-- in a new expanded form.

We added even more content to address the unique small business and marketing issues facing practitioners in today’s challenging economic environment.


90 Days to Practice Transformation



 A comprehensive schedule of calls expanded to 12 online sessions.


 Bonus options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants in social media. You’ll find content tailored for you, no matter your level of familiarity or expertise.


  Calls packed with more detailed information, more practical tools and more worksheets -- all based on feedback from practitioners just like you


  Specific examples of success stories by practitioners from the inaugural series via the Clinical Study conducted during the first 90 Days session.


  Extensive and expanded workbook materials for all skill levels.


  2 Live Calls  (9:30 am and 12:30 pm PST)   -- and all calls archived for later learning.


  One-on-one up close and personal coaching sessions available on request.


  NEW! Affordable payment option available -- make 3 low payments over the next 3 months.

  F I N A L L Y . . .

The You’ve Got Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain GUARANTEE.

If you’re not completely happy with the LIVE training, within the first 15 days, tell us.

We’ll refund your money back

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{ Why Spend Time with Hit & Miss Googling?

 Everything You Need to Know to Make Your

 Practice a Success Is Here in One Great Program! }

We put the vital and practical information you need in one place.

You don’t have to waste time searching out dozens of web sites or videos from different sources, scratching you head over varying  -- and sometimes contradictory -- content and quality.

And all sessions are archived, so you can go back to them as often as you like.

Our first 2 Live EVENTS

90 Days to Practice Transformation

shook old school marketing and business practices to its core. 

And we’re just getting started!

{ NOW You Can Learn What They Didn’t Teach You in Medical School!}

Everything we provide in

 90 Days to Practice Transformation 

is an outgrowth of our very personal experience in the world of small business.

Our new sessions begin January 30th 2013 - ORDER NOW!

Session 1: 

The Power of Yes

And a whole lot of help from the calendar.Where are we going in 90 days?  We’re mapping out the plan and then working it. Say YES! -- and let’s get going....  90  Days to Transform your Practice. Just in time for the mother lode of patient demand- January 2013 and New Year’s Resolutions.

Session 2/3: 

To Brand or not to Brand? That is not a question!

Creating a “brand” that is unique to you engages your prospective patients. Identify who you are, what you do, and how you are different. Using worksheets and homework, we walk through a step-by-step process to create your personality brand and then APPLY it -- Powerfully. Creatively. Effectively -- to everything you do. These two modules are core to our entire program. Don’t even try to skip these steps!

Session 4: 

Something to Talk About - Your Passion is Contagious

You have to feel it!  When you reconnect with your passion for your medicine, you won't be able to contain yourself.  You are contagious to share, you are excited, you plan events and you engage the people that need you most.  With or without “eSavvy” or money, this is fun, full of life, and it expresses the real you in your medicine – and this works in the NOW!

Session 5: 

Social Media AKA Free Advertising.

+ 3 bonus sessions for novices and beginners!

Fear not FaceBook! You will fly into this brave new world of Social Media confidently. New to the world of social media? We understand your fears. Honest. EXTRA: We have 3 bonus sessions (as self study) for beginners and intermediates, to get you up to speed FAST.

Session 6: 

LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+ and Keywords.

Learn how one practice used Yelp reviews and keywords to develop 9000 patient files in 3 years. See how. LinkedIn and its powerful demographic is your #1 secret weapon. Capitalize on the upcoming merging of Google Places and Google+. We’ll walk through all of these important practice-building areas and put some powerful tools in those typing fingers!

Session 7: 

First & Last Impressions.

Your website is your stand-in for you and your practice -- 24/7. Are you confident that the first impression you make is right for you? If it’s wrong, that first impression may well be the LAST impression current and prospective patients ever have. We’ll show you how to look at your practice from the eyes of your patients and learn how to CHANGE it. FAST. With Ease. NOW.

Session 8: 

Smile. Shine. Succeed. Your Events Come ALIVE

Make your events come ALIVE .New interactive technologies now make it easier that ever to build relationships with the people you’re trying to reach. Learn the ins and outs of webinars, teleconferences, in person events. You’ll discover all the DO’s and recognize the DON’Ts that spell the difference between success and Mess! So, Smile. Shine. Succeed.

Session 9: 

The Referral Engine. Yes it can -- and does -- happen.

You can build a loyal tribe that channels its enthusiasm for you and your practice in ever growing numbers of referrals. Get to know the Nuts. Bolts. Oil. And see how you can have raving patients and fans that can’t stop talking about you and your practice.

Session 10: 

Dispensary Management-It can Make you or Break you.

Learn how to manage a huge dispensary even out of a closet! Honest it is a closet! Learn how to create the right QuickBooks accounts to manage your dispensary for you and how to manage inventory with a few clicks.

Session 11: 

Strategic Partners: We are all in this together.

You are doctors. Everyone wants to work with you. You have what everyone wants. We identify how to find other businesses that will help you spread your message to the world, while you do the same for those that you believe in. You can’t do this all alone. Learn the steps to build out a professional network and make the phrase “We are all in this together” a fruitful reality!

Session 12: 

Time Management: How do we find time to do all of this?

First things first. We review some time management tools and how to find the one right for you. We create time in our lives and work for our priorities. Let’s create the “P” list and check it twice.

Details, Details, Details

We begin live calls January 30th 2013. Can't make the live calls? No worries! Each call is recorded and available with your password.

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