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Results of the 90 Days to Practice Transformation Clinical Study

Interview with Vera Singleton, MBA, ND

Vera Singleton

Did you miss our breakfast at the AANP? Well join us now for the interview you can’t miss.

Dr. Vera Singleton is an MBA in Healthcare as well as a brand spanking new ND - one year out.

Learn how she completely transformed her practice in just 3 short months with 90 Days to Practice Transformation.  Hear how she created a project that has received WILD acclaim.

Hear about her new value proposition and branding. Learn how Tweets, Yelps and Google helped her to the Top of the Search Engines in rapid time.

You do not want to miss this video interview. HONEST.

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Total Tech for Non-Techies

Relax. We know your pain. You feel like you should know these things. But hey, you spent years hitting the medical books not the computer lab. So let us help walk you through a few things that just might make life and business easier.

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Do you have a Web Based Appointment Calendar or System?

We will evaluate web based patient booking systems on this call. Full Slate is a calendar system for patients to book online (optional). This easy to use system gets you up to speed on a web based patient calendar FAST.

Clinic ND is a new practice management system + calendar. It also includes dispensary management. I love this solution as well.

Which one to choose for your practice? Let me give my ++ and my -- on both of these options.  We’ll dive deep into both of these new products and field loads of questions!

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Dr. Andrew Brandeis announces SHARE Practice here.

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We are so jazzed to offer this very informative call for our SBRX followers!

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 8.31.10 AM.png

Care Practice is one of the most innovative and successful integrative medical practices in the Bay Area. Dr Andrew Brandeis is responsible for Care Practice’s explosive growth and credits social media, a dynamic scheduling application and tech-savvy entrepreneurial spirit with the practice’s dramatic success. Note: They have developed over 9000 patient files in 3 years.

In this webinar he talks about:

  • Building Care Practice almost entirely with Social Media like YELP and Facebook.
  • How they grew the practice 25% overnight with new online scheduling software.
  • Why he created SHARE Practice.  It’s an alpha version of an app designed like Epocrates that functions like Yelp. Doctors author treatments for specific conditions, and other doctors agree/disagree with those therapeutics. In just a few weeks after launch, Share Practice has 50 doctors who have added more than 300 new treatments. It’s very simple, very powerful and built in a format that makes sense to a clinical practice.

Awesome is an overused word to be sure. But we are having a hard time finding a better word to describe this great webinar.

BUT we are pretty darn sure you are going to love it!


We Begin Live in 2 Time Zones Wednesday January 30th, 2013!

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