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Clinical Focus + Strategic Partnerships = Abundance

Join us August 23 at 12:30 pm PDT.

Clinical Focus + Strategic Partnerships = Abundance 
To give you a vivid example of how a successful referral program can transform a practice, I’m proud to feature Dr. Katherine Neubauer in this FREE webinar on August 23rd. Click here to join.

Dr Neubauer is a graduate of our 90 Days program.  She has created a dynamic referral program -- the Physician Partnership Program  -- that has her practice thriving.
She built it herself -- and so can you! 

You see how you, too, can dramatically increase your sales of high-yield services like I.V. therapy and other procedures.
PLUS, Dr. Neubauer has structured this program so that physicians can partner with complete confidence that patients return to the referring physician’s practice.

You Can Build Your Own Referral Engine!
I love what Katherine’s done! She really gets it.
And by participating in this FREE 1 hour webinar, you can grow your practice the same way!.
We’ll show you how, Step by step, In one short hour!
Sign up. Join in. And start building your own referral engine! Click here.

Yes it will be recorded if you can’t make the live Webinar. We’ll send you the link to watch at any time!
See you there!