Learn to Profit from Insurance Billing

Our Class Goals and Objectives:

  1. Understand medical charting/insurance structure from a global perspective in order to foster better patient care, medico-legal care and establish better coding/payment.
  2. Develop an understanding of the necessary elements of chart notes for good patient care and easily include the requirements for CPT coding.
  3. Understand the principles of ICD-9 coding, that will carry over to ICD-10 in 10/2014.
  4. Understand the most common CPT codes used in practice, as well as an introduction to other code sets including procedures, physical medicine and advanced coding (this could be another course entirely)
  5. Apply this knowledge into day-to-day operations of your practice to ensure customer/patient satisfaction. Prompt billing and payment and better patient retention.

Session 1 - January 17th - 90 minutes

  1. Introduction, Instructor Background, Course Goals.

  2. Review insurance structure/foundation, how we as NDs fit into (or don't fit into the model), its history and where we’re going. (ie. The medical home vs. fee for service models).

  3. Introduction of the necessary billing basics: ICD-9/10, CPT and the CMS-1500 and their relationship to all types of practice whether cash or insurance based.

Session 2 - January 24th - 90 Minutes

  1. Approach to quality patient care while considering time management and insurance requirements.

  2. Charting basics: The S, the O, the A and the P

  3. Introduction to ICD-9 and insurance basics from symptom coding & accurate diagnosis to preventive services, including the shift to ICD-10.

Session 3 -January 31st - 90 Minutes

  1. CPT Coding: Understanding the most common codes used (and why they’re common), reviewing the requirements for each level of code (it’s already built into our chart notes!!)
  2. Correct billing practices, the golden rules of insurance billing.
  3. Chart/case review/practice.

Session 4 - February 7th - 90 Minutes

  1. Introduction to physical medicine, prolonged service and procedure CPT coding requirements.
  2. Practice Management: The art of balancing your skills as a doctor and the efficiency of your front desk for better billing (=faster payment) and better customer service.
  3. Bonus Materials: Dr. Mona Fahoum along with Karyn Wagner will review the plus and minuses of 4 different practice management software services.