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Our Foundational Work

We Introduce Dr Mona Fahoum and learn her passion for teaching ND's the RIGHT way to code and bill. Then we dive into a review of insurance structure/foundation, how we as NDs fit into (or don't fit into the model), its history and where we’re going. (ie. The medical home versus fee for service models). Next we lay the foundation for all the necessary billing basics: ICD-9/10, CPT and the CMS-1500 and their relationship to all types of practice whether cash or insurance based.

Additional Resources:

Download PowerPoint presentation file
Download Claim Form as PDF file

Charting Basics & ICB Coding

Todays' session is all about managing your time, the insurance requirements that are absolutely necessary and at the same delivering the very best in quality patient care. We review and expand on those charting basics... the SOAP notes and learn how to apply proper symptom coding and accurate diagnosis in the form of ICD- 9 codes. So you (or your patient) get paid!

Additional Resources:

Download PowerPoint presentation file
Download New Patient Form as Word file
Download UHC Form as Word file

All about the CPT

Dr Mona teaches the most commonly used codes ( and WHY they are so common) and reviews the requirements of each level of code. We review her handy E and M Audit form. Then we go inside some case studies and dive into how to best put the codes into practice. Ah! The Golden Rules of Insurance Billing!

Additional Resources:

Download PowerPoint presentation file
Download Audit Tool as Word file

Procedure and Physical Medicine Coding

We walk through the CPT coding requirements for physical medicine, as well as prolonged services and procedures. Dr Mona also discusses Super Bills, Front Office forms, and a handy ICD9 cheat sheet.

Additional Resources:

Download Fee Slip as Excel file
Download Cheat Sheet as Excel file
Download Flex Letter as Word file
Download NC Waiver as Word file

Bonus - Session 5

Our Bonus Session #5 of Learn to Profit from Insurance Billing is all about practice management, billing and EMR software. What are the PROS? What are the missing pieces? Who is the best? Answer: No one system does it all -- yet. But we walk you through the best of the best and give our reviews.