Insurance Billing: Learn the Golden Rules from an Expert

“I’ve tried to bill insurance, but I don’t really understand how and if I’m doing it right?”

You want to scare a practitioner? Talk about insurance billing!

I hear from many of you about the dread, the outright fear and anxiety and nagging worry, produced by coding and billing:

  • Fear of not being paid from insurance companies -- or delayed payments
  • Fear of looking unprofessional to Patients who are not getting reimbursed from their super bills
  • Fear of the complications in CPT coding: did I chart in enough -- or did I provide TOO much detail
  • Fear of being audited

That’s why we at SBRX are proud that a leading expert, Mona Fahoum, ND, has created a complete 4 step module to help practitioners master the art of coding.

Dr. Mona believes that once you understand the process, the rules, those beautiful “Golden Rules,“ you can successfully work within its system -- confidently, profitably and virtually worry-free!.

Clear Up Mysteries… like the Fabled Rosetta Stone!

Dr Mona’s 4 detailed, step-by-step sessions will guide you through the terminology and procedures that often baffle the savviest practitioner and her staff.

So, what’s it like? Well, the closest analogy might be the fabled Rosetta Stone. Once discovered, it provided the key to understanding an extremely complex system with its own language, signs and symbols.

Likewise Dr. Mona’s module translates anxiety producing rules, seemingly obscure terminology and often hair splitting distinctions into practical terms a practitioner can easily understand and incorporate into her/his practice.

It’s especially beneficial for out of network practitioners who fear they could never make a living accepting insurance.

A Leading Expert Shows You How to WORK the System!

Once you begin these sessions with Dr. Mona you’ll see Insurance Billing in a new light.

You will:

  • Be more confident in your charting (and, subsequently, patient care)
  • Discover a thorough, but simplified approach to CPT and ICD coding
  • Have the assurance you’re helping patients get reimbursed, labs paid and/or get you paid on time if you're contracted.

With these new skills, your patients will fall in love with your superior customer service.

Best of all, as a practitioner you’ll gain lasting insight into the maze of Insurance Billing.

Mona’s methods will give you the inside scoop on insurance companies:

  • How they operate
  • How they think
  • How they have the right to review your charts

You learn how to WORK with the system, so you spend more time with patients!

For a detailed list of the Insurance Coding and Billing sessions CLICK HERE


2 Special Reasons why Dr. Mona’s Sessions Will Wow You

It’s all good, but I want to call out 2 particular benefits from this module that can make or break your practice.

They will give you a taste of what Dr Mona can do for your practice.

First, charting.

Your Chart Notes matter! Yes, mistakes happen, and when you work with other doctors, your charts can come up for review.

Dr. Mona will show you how to keep your charts in perfect order. Being “in order“ is the best defense against lawsuits.

Why be vulnerable in a malpractice suit? Good charting protects you legally.

Second, payment of claims.

Knowing the golden rules of “good charting” removes the common barriers to non-payment.

How would you like to feel confident that you can reduce confusion, cut down -- even eliminate delays -- and receive insurance payments consistently -- without hassle and inconvenience for your and your patients?

Those are 2 pretty important benefits for your practice, I’d say -- defense against lawsuits and streamlined payment.

For Out of Network Practitioners, a Golden Opportunity

Finally, Out of Network practitioners will learn how to make a living accepting insurance!

Think of how great it would be if you knew the Golden Rules for submitting super bills.

  • No more worry that they are not done properly 
  • No more time consuming re-do’s 
  • No more fear that the patient may never get reimbursed

So, what are you waiting for?

In network or out, you will benefit from participating in Mona’s fact filled sessions.

You will start using this knowledge instantly, and see the results drop straight to your bottom line.



Get a Head Start on ICD-10

In October 2013, ICD-10 goes into effect.

When you sign up with Dr. Mona Fahoum's course, you’ll also receive a FREE briefing module to cover all the changes coming in ICD-10.

This BONUS module, which will be available to you in August 2013, will cover all the details you need to be prepared for the October 2013 switch to ICD-10.

Add it up.

That’s 5 Fact-filled modules for the price of 4,

with each module providing you with the essential “golden rules” to assist your patients, end your worries about billing and boost your bottom line.

Sign up now!

Each Live Session is 90 Minutes long and is broadcast on Thursdays at 12:00 pm PST 

January 17

January 24

January 31

February 7

Can't make a session? No Worries. Sessions are recorded and archived on the website for later viewing.

Click HERE for the complete course listing.

How much does it cost?

All 5 sessions are $250.00 BUT SUPER EARLY BIRD Pricing is just $197.00

Really? That's All?

Yes- 5 Sessions designed to streamline your practice and remove the headaches and worries on insurance billing.


Let's go!