Here’s what we know:

If we can help a few thousand natural healthcare practitioners market their services and they then help a few thousand patients, we have a few million people whose voices about natural healthcare become louder and stronger. Together we can change the way people view and care for their health. Think of it, we can change Type 2 diabetes, we can change obesity, we can change heart disease, and we can certainly lower cancer rates.

Why? Because natural healthcare works!


The Mission:

We are transforming healthcare one doc at a time!

The Vision:

Success Bootcamp Rx brings together

practitioners and patients to create mutually

satisfying experiences that build practices and improve

outcomes and wellness.


The Process:

What you focus on E X P A N D S

Focus brings success into view.

  • SBRX will teach you how to sharpen your focus. 
  • We facilitate and expand your brand identity.
  • We activate tools to improve your brand.
  • We grow your practice, and empower your life.
  • We provide a precision analysis of your business methodology.
  • We design tailored blueprints that empower you to make the changes necessary to actually accomplish what you have only dreamed of.
  • No silly ‘soul-transforming’ technique after technique that only generalize the steps to success, but real plans that have worked time and again in today’s highly competitive environment.
  • We do not waste your time with obvious and commonplace motivational sleight of hand:  
  • We create a personalized plan for developing the techniques necessary to function and work more effectively, therefore more successfully.
  • We supply you with the resources necessary to realize immediate results.
  • And, in short, we’ll re-focus your outlook to expand your prospects and enhance your life/work experience.

The Result:

A practice transformation that is uniquely you,

that is a joy for both you and your patients,


That’s the whole picture. A BIG picture!

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