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Late Night Confessions of a Web Site Repair Woman


“HELP! My website designer has vanished!”
Yes, that’s the cry that got me started on the path of helping doctors with their websites.
I got that call from doctors more often than I like to remember!
(The only call that was worse was, “HELP! I just spent thousands of dollars -- and look at the thing!” Sometimes it was “tens of thousands.” GULP!)
Now, I’ll be honest: I’m not a born techie.
(I suspect many of you are not either).
That’s why I developed Cure for the Common Website.

On the Hunt for a Website that Works for Doctors

Hearing these horror stories inspired me to dive into web design.
Branding, I know. Marketing is second nature. And I’ve gained tons of experience in natural medicine.
But if I was going to help doctors, I needed to get my arms around the pieces -- all of the pieces -- involved in web design.
There’s just too much at stake!
You and I know that an easy to navigate website with a great call to action is vital for doctors.

  • It’s your first impression.
  • It’s your business card available 24/7.
  • It’s your 365 day meet and greet appointment maker.

Yet the majority of websites for doctors fall short in one or more key area.

Graphic Designers, Programmers, Writers and SEO Specialists:

I Met Them All
So, one by one, I talked with all the key players involved in building a web site
Every aspect from programming to SEO, design and content.
Each had his own lingo. Each spoke her own language.
This was, indeed, an eye opener!
(It was in speaking with the pros, by the way, that I discovered SquareSpace.
I urge you to check it out.)
Hey, if you prefer WordPress or Weebly, go for it!!
Whichever you choose, there’s one key thing I learned:

The Single Most Important Thing I can Say to You

What did I learn?
You ABSOLUTELY have to know HOW TO TALK TO the people designing your site
Talk the right way, and you get a high functioning, good looking website that reflects your expertise and makes a great and lasting impression.
Talk the wrong way, and…well, chances are you’re out loads of money and you and your designer are no longer talking!
Take the CURE!
You could spend months and learn all of this yourself.
(In fact, at SBRX we’re in the process of creating an e-book to help you brave souls write a comprehensive website design spec).
Or you could jump right in and sign up for THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WEBSITE DESIGN FOR PRACTITIONERS. FREE Webinar.
I’ve distilled all the knowledge I acquired meeting with programmers, graphic designers, writers and SEO experts, and put it into this easy to understand and fun webinar.
The choice  is really yours.

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Karyn Wagner
Practice Management and Marketing Expert