The CURE for the Common Website


More Patients…
More Appointments…
More Referrals…
More Positive Buzz about Your Practice…

All without outrageous costs or time delays with writers, designers or programmers to
get the smallest posting or change done on your website?

Well…You’re right where you need to be
With the CURE for the Common Website webinar series, you'll learn how to:

  • Create an appealing brand for your medical practice that is based on …YOU, your personality and passion about your profession
  • Define areas of your practice that you specialize in
  • Articulate why are you unique
  • Communicate your USP (unique selling proposition) on your web site -- in terms patients can understand and appreciate
  • Attract prospective patients consistently
  • Work effectively with your IDEAL patients.
  • Create a site map and pages that move and motivate current and prospective patients

You will make your website do its one and only job --encourage and enable patients to call & make that appointment to see you!



All the tasks that seem
mysterious to you  will now become second nature.  Simply. Quickly.

Fun, straight-to-the-point, easy-to-follow, this online course is designed specifically for doctors and medical professionals who need their websites and marketing materials to look and sound pro – without having to hire a pro.

You will save thousands of dollars, hundred of hours and never mind how much frustration.

  • How to set up your online appointment calendar.  What the real secrets of blogging are.
  • How to set up all those tags and categories properly with keywords -  so that you can optimize your SEO.
  • How to set up and use the BEST Website template system - Squarespace 6.
  • How to create an online store for your supplement sales!!


(Squarespace has everything. Stunning templates, fully SEO optimized, mobile ready, dynamic blog and an easy to use format that you can set up yourself -- REALLY!)

I will walk you through the back end and show you the set up, step-by-step. You’ll be amazed at just how simple -- and quick -- it is to add and change text and content on your site.


The best part?
This 5 week course is geared specifically toward web beginners.
CURE for the Common Website is just what doctors have been waiting for.