Setting Goals: Reviewing the Past Year, Planning for 2014

What worked and didn’t work for my business in 2013?

This is a great exercise, one that I urge you to try. It’s a truism that you often learn more from mistakes and failures than successes. I agree. Sometimes everything you touch seems golden... and then other projects just don’t work out. It’s important to remember that a success could be simply a matter of fortunate timing, a bit of luck that can’t be repeated; while a failure is rarely a total bust, especially if you learn how to use it as a building block. Instead of feeling like the whole year was a letdown, I am sure you will find that you accomplished a lot, and learned quite a lot, too.

Here’s the worksheet adapted from Chris Guillebeau ( of World Domination Summit)  that I used to map out my year’s highlights and lessons. Need a good way to map out your upcoming year; Your goals and priorities? Check this one out!

SO..What worked and WHAT DIDN'T.

In January 2013 I launched our 3rd program of 90 Days to Practice Transformation to a very enthusiastic group. We really saw some dramatic transformations, personal -- and in the practices. I feel blessed to work with just a great group of doctors and healthcare practitioners.

Learn to Profit from Insurance Billing and Coding with Dr Mona Fahoum. This was a new experiment for SBRX. There are many, many CE programs out there for medical knowledge, but very little to help doctors navigate some of the most practical aspects of their practices, namely billing!

In five 1 hour sessions Dr Mona walked us through the “Golden Rules” of charting, coding and billing. Dr Mona simple excelled at breaking down complicated processes into easy to understand language. Very successful, We have already made plans to offer the program again for the fall in a 1/2 seminar.

I also began Private Coaching starting with a small group of 90 Days members on how to transform their websites. I am passionate about putting tech tools into the hands of doctors and in particular, helping them upgrade their own website management. Too often I hear the horror stories of websites you can’t manage and web designers that disappear. This sample group of doctors created some powerful new websites, and so I developed my program:  The CURE for the Common Website.

April. CURE for the Common Website.-- A FAILURE.

Convinced that, given the right tools, doctors could redesign their websites with only a minimal amount of tech help, I launched this. It fell flat on its face! Ugh! I had a low number of participants. Worse, despite helping them as much as I could-- some of them just could not make the transition and master the tools and techniques.

I don’t count this as a total failure. Rather, I recognized that I needed to learn more about structuring the program to make it more accessible for doctors. Currently, I am re-working this program for a fresh re- launch in 2014. CURE 2.0 will include 4 hours of one on one coaching.

New Website Design. Practice what you preach is what I believe, and so…I re-vamped my own site. It was the 3rd redesign in 2 years. I needed a fresh new face, better looking blog posts and, of course, it absolutely had to be enabled and enhanced for mobile. I am thrilled with the results!

July. Keystone and AANP

Along with Dr Andrew Brandeis we presented Have You Been Diagnosed as a Technophobe?  We even developed a protocol for this purpose! It was loads of fun to be on stage with Dr Andrew. I love his dry wit and energy. Check out his super cool app. Share Practice.

This presentation became the Tech Tuesday idea. We created AANP Tech Tuesdays as 20 minute tech tools. Easy to digest. Easy to follow. We had a lot of fun producing these every 2 weeks. If you are an AANP member, sign up here to access the full series.

New 5 Hour session for Hello-Simple Charting and Billing

We changed our original 5 week series, creating a new 1/2 day seminar. This shorter version was a wildly successful format. Next stop, a self study class!!

90 Days to Practice Transformation morphed into 45 Days to Practice Transformation. A launch is worth a 1000 words, but I’ll give you just one: SUCCESS. So successful was this program that we created a self study module for doctors to review whenever they had time in their schedules. To make this program really sing, we created Group Coaching calls.  Now we can help even more doctors learn the secrets of transforming their practices. We learn, you learn.

November. Launch of 45 Days Self Study, which was warmly greeted by doctors, as we’d hoped it would be.

December. Right now we’re smack in the middle of our planning for the New Year. Better watch out!

So, what does this type of reflection mean for you and your practice?

You can start by looking back, as I just did, and assessing what worked & what didn’t. Just as I did, try and take a hard look at efforts like my launch of The CURE for the Common Website. Ask yourself what would you do differently? Is there a 2.0 for you to develop?

Equally important, look ahead.

You make a list, plan ahead month by month,

In this template, the goals you'll set will be specific and measurable. Also, they're your goals-- not mine or anyone else's. If you end up changing your mind -that's OK. Simply adjust the plan. Then, assess, revise and repeat the process.

There are different categories for your life as well. It’s NOT ALL ABOUT WORK!!

So-- This type of template works for me but you might have a better plan. What’s you favorite goal setting technique? Let us know!

See you in the NEW YEAR!! Let's make it a GREAT ONE!!