Never Profile Your Patient’s Pocketbook!

Those of you who have attended my lectures or participated in one of my programs often hear me say:

“Prescribe what’s needed. If you don’t, or if you profile your patient’s pocketbook, you will not help them heal -- and they will not, in turn, refer you to anyone else!”

Ok, well, this principle bears repeating.
So, here I go again, this time with a vivid illustration.
Dr M had a patient who looked like she was homeless. Her clothes were rough and worn. She always cycled to the office. Dr M assumed that she did not even own a car.
After a few months of trying several low impact, or simple, in other words “not costly” solutions, the patient called complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath.
Dr M is not a heart specialist and so, of course, urged the patient to see a specialist right away.
One month later the patient returns carrying a shopping bag almost overflowing with supplements, easily $1000 worth. She begins to chat about her visit to a high profile clinic known for its concierge “full on packages” that start at $2500. PLUS testing.

The patient was excited!!

Finally, she had found someone who was going to get to the bottom of her health issues.
Dr M had not even discussed testing or a comprehensive supplement program, because she assumed the patient would be unable to afford it.
There you go.

DO NOT PROFILE your patient’s pocketbook. Prescribe what is needed.

Let the patient decided how they will budget for their health