My Focus, Your Focus, how do we create our practice Focus?


Finding or creating your practice focus . . . . Of the many vital strategies and techniques I teach in 90 Days to Practice Transformation, this has to be key.
It is also a key part of my new program, Cure for the Common Website.
 I was reflecting on this one day, when I had the thought, “It’s easy to teach someone else “how to,” but what about me?  Am I like the proverbial shoemaker whose children go bare foot?
I realized I needed a dose of my own medicine: it is a case of, if not “physician heal thyself,” then “Ok, marketing guru, market yourself already!”
 Plus, I thought you might enjoy seeing how this process works, by challenging -- and inspiring -- us to think about ourselves, what we do and how to speak to our clients!

So what is the Focus of Success Bootcamp Rx you ask?
The Power of 3 Ideas:
Well, recently, I sat down with this very question when I began a thorough and detailed overhaul of my own website redesign and process.  From this process 3 ideas emerged.
I consistently teach/preach that you need to speak to the public with 3 thoughts. 

Why 3? 
Fewer than 3 is too little.  More than 3 is way too much to absorb. 
Using this system, I started my focusing. 
What Do I Do?  And What Can I Say About It? 
So, here’s what I developed:
 Three Areas of Focus:

First, Educate. Yes, that’s what I do. SBRX educates doctors about marketing, technology and practice management.
Next, Engage. Together, we are creating communities of practitioners sharing ideas and experiences. Our LinkedIN Groups are really a fantastic resource for members to share best practices. And finally . . . Hmmm -- what’s my third focus?
(I would love the alliteration of another E to make the trio musical and more memorable.
 But what will work?)
. . . Finally, Expand.
What I am saying here is that I help you expand in several ways:
Expand your understanding about communication and marketing
Expand your presence in key forums that affect your patients
Expand your practice by creating protocols
That’s the 'E word'.
Building on the 3 Big Es! Just Right -- or Too Much?
So, foundation in place, the next question is: How does SBRX work?

First,  I provide free webinars to doctors.  Some of these are conducted by your peers who are in the process of transforming their practices.                                                                                                         

Second, I regularly consult one on one with practitioners to get them up to speed FAST.

And third,  SBRX provides Cost Effective Group Seminars for practitioners to learn the basics AND the fine points of marketing. 

Whew:  is that a lot? Just right -- or too much?

Well, when I step back, I gotta say, that’s my focus -- and I am sticking to it!

 Here’s an important takeaway!

 Getting back to You . . . when you look at your focus, realize that narrowing your offerings to three still leaves you with plenty of room to talk about crucial aspects of your brand practice.
 As you saw, it is still a LOT of Focus.  

A lot!!

So, tell me, what are your three areas of practice focus?