Have you been working to create a great patient Email list?

It's not easy to build a list!  You may have spent months or years working on your patient email list.  Patients have signed up or opted in to receive your health news.

Well - Google has changed the game and not in a good way! 
Gmail is auto-filtering all emails for all users.
If you have patients that have subscribed to your email or newsletter list, you will want to pay close attention.

Yes!  Google has decided that even though your patients and prospective patients have opted in and signed up to receive your emails, your emails and newsletters will now most likely show up in the PROMOTIONS tab along with unsolicited junk and ads.
Email used to be the one certain way we could get in front of your patients to alert them to events, remind them of healthy tips or health related news.
Now?  Maybe not so much!
So we need to educate our patients (as I am asking you to do here as well), so that they will still receive the beneficial news you have created.
Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner has made this nifty little video on how you can educate your subscribers.  I have also linked to his excellent blog post on this subject.
Watch Mike’s video on how to instruct your patients to make sure your emails arrive in their inbox. (and make sure you have done the same for emails from SBRX!!)

We are back with Tech Tuesdays in August!  Let us know your tech questions and every other week we will answer!