Dr. Andrew Brandeis - "Why doctors use Share Practice"

As a group, doctors have an immense knowledge base.  At SharePractice, our hypothesis is that doctors' collective experience is the best way to refine standards of care for both acute and chronic illness.

Acute illness can be easily treated, but often times pathogenic susceptibility changes faster than standards of care. Doctors use treatments that become impotent to manage disease, so disease becomes recurrent or chronic.We believe that chronic illness would be acute illness if we had more effective primary treatments.

Clinical reference tools work because they make the consumption of synthesized medical research easy to use at the point of care. To influence change at the point of care, integrative doctors need to influence the reference tools doctors use at the point of care.

The best way to learn is to teach. Doctors use SharePractice to structure and share their knowledge with their colleagues, peers and residents. SharePractice doctors have access to the first integrative clinical reference created by doctors for use at the point of care. Early adopters get recognition and meaningful feedback from the community as their protocols and pearls are shared and used throughout the world.

Doctors use SharePractice to have a part in the new experience-based standard of care.