Dr. Andrew Brandeis - "Why doctors use Share Practice"

Dr. Andrew Brandeis - "Why doctors use Share Practice"
The best way to learn is to teach. Doctors use SharePractice to structure and share their knowledge with their colleagues, peers and residents. SharePractice doctors have access to the first integrative clinical reference created by doctors for use at the point of care. Early adopters get recognition and meaningful feedback from the community as their protocols and pearls are shared and used throughout the world. 
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The Ultimate Event Calendar!

If you were part of our 1st 90 Days for Practice Transformation – The Clinical Study call you learned the importance of the calendar and mapping out your year.

I promised to find a good resource for “coming events”.
I absolutely positively found the most incredible calendar resource EVER.
Amazing. Perfect. Serious. FUN.
All in one!
Here it is!

The Ultimate Event Calendar

Did you know that January is Be Kind to Food Servers Month?

And on a serious note, April is Emotional Overeating Awareness Month?

Back to fun stuff- June is Accordion Awareness Month, Natl!!

Enjoy this calendar resource.

The Calendar

That sneaky calendar. It’s New Year’s week and everyone seems to be scrambling to get their cleanses announced and subscribed to.

Guess What? You need 90 days. Come up with an idea and execute it in 90 days.
You can do it in less time, but it will not be as effective for your patients.
Our Success Bootcamp RX seminar on March 30th in San Francisco had to be planned and written by December. Graphics need to be created, announcements made, calendars marked. Your patients are no less busy than you are.

So think about what program you want to offer in April. Begin to announce the program to your patients with a ‘coming soon’ announcement. You have a few weeks to work on all the text for your newsletter and emails. But get that announcement out to your patients! This week, next week - but soon, very soon.

Go to the Cool Tools page and download the ‘SBRX Marketing Calendar’.
Begin to fill in the blanks for the year.  It might even be easier to work backwards.
If you missed my Facebook post about Health Savings Plans, don’t forget to announce those in early November.  Your patients get busy around the holidays and forget they have health money to spend! Remind them early.

Next year’s January cleanse needs to be announced in November before Thanksgiving with constant reminders.
Weight Loss: make sure everyone knows about your weight loss plans and when they begin throughout the year.

Map the year, stick to the plan. This is your prescription for a thriving medical practice!