Can a business coach actually do more harm than good?

September is Back to School Time! Time to Sharpen our Goals. So maybe you are thinking about a Business Coach.  Here are my thoughts.

Can a business coach actually do more harm than good?

Short answer: YES

Long answer: Yes, because, as I’ve heard time and again, “The coach I was working with simply did not understand my market or my focus!”

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of coaches out there online.

Many offer FREE advice.

Well, as many doctors have found to their dismay, “It’s not FREE if it wastes your time.”

If you’re searching for a coach -- and it’s something I DO recommend -- please pause a moment.

I’ve found that there are a few very good rules of thumb:

1. Choose someone who is aligned with your business goals.

2. Decide what you want a coach to do:
    -- Are you looking to build your practice from the ground up?
    -- Do you have a practice that needs a serious overhaul?
    -- Do you have a successful practice but need someone to take to the next level?
    -- Do you need technical skills?

3. Choose someone that is visually aligned with you and your practice
    -- Graphics are powerful. If the coach you are considering has an ugly, screaming awful website, how do you think your site is going to look at the end of the process?

4. Choose someone who really understand your medical practice -- as a center of treatment and as a business.

5. Save the magic and hocus-pocus for Vegas
    -- Short cuts? Yes, some. Tips and effective techniques? Absolutely!
    -- Magic? Nuh-uh!

Is there any “magic” involved in treating patients?

I didn’t think so!

How could there be magic in…marketing?! Or coaching?

You should be able to use what a coach tells you.

The advice should be practical and applicable to your practice.

And in the end, your investment in a coach -- your time and your money -- should produce measurable results.