Quick Tech for Doctors - File Storage

You have your office computers. You have your laptop. Your patient files on in one place. You are in another.
What to do?
Lucky you. This problem has been solved. Here are my two favorite easy, low or no cost solutions.
Easy, Peasy.  Watch the fun video. Download to your computer. Back up files automatically. Allow some files to be shared with members of your office- or even your patients.
You can set the file sharing parameters easily and simply.
You can access your dropbox on your computer or anywhere in the world.
In this way you have all of your files available in the cloud, at your disposal from anywhere.
I love this application and have used it for years! No cost for basic file storage.

Google Apps for Business
As I have mentioned in our 90 days program, Google Apps for Business ( you pay a small amount for this great service-- there is a free version as well) can act as your email server, help you create forms and store sensitive documents. You can finally get rid of your name@gmail.com and have name@mydomain.com and easily access your domain email just like you  access your regular gmail account.
Using Google Apps for Business Forms you can create an easy secure order form for your patients to make their supplement orders, saving your front desk time and saving you money. With a simple form such as this, there really is no need for an online store. You can easily create your patient intake forms and have patients fill the the forms electronically. You can save your forms and patient information as an electronic database accessed in the cloud.
Note: Google Apps for Business has a higher security level as opposed to the free version of Google Apps. However because HIPPA compliancy is much more than just file storage, they will not say explicitly that they are HIPPA compliant. But their security is such that sensitive federal government offices use this service.

Any questions? Happy to help!