Listen Through the Transition

The Divine is stronger than any failure, but consider that some failures are Divinely sent.-Mastin from The Daily Love

An interesting thing happened recently.  An interesting "failure".  Now if you know me at all - I don't typically find "failure" interesting... especially when it is on my part!

Here's the thing - I love to lecture.  When I was in 7th grade I dreamed of one thing for the rest of my public school education career - and that was to become the President of the Speech and Debate Team.  I wanted to take my desire to encourage and inspire my friends and classmates to find their voice, speak their creativity, "argue" their perspective and walk through life ever-after with the communication skills that would open doors to their dreams.

As you can imagine, when I lecture/speak - it is a thing of joy to me.  Like singing in the shower, dancing, snow boarding, or feeling in my chest the most powerful stock cars in the world all rev their engines at the same time as they go by together on that first green flag lap in an auto race as I watch from the roof of the stands.  Joy.

Being a perfectionist (for the good and the bad of it) and loving to lecture so much - I can honestly say that I could show up at 100 events in a row - be they to the lay public in my front office, to a television station or to a group of my international colleagues across the pond - and 100 times every aspect of that speaking engagement would go as I had hoped, or better.

Last week in a health food store setting - another lecture.  I was completely fired-up for it.  Even at the 14th hour in heels, after a back-to-back patient day - I was so excited to share the medicine.  That wasn't it.  What happened was that just about every other aspect of it that could go "other than planned" did.  Hmmm

At first I had that not very good feeling in my stomach that comes from disappointing myself.  But then I stepped back to view the forest for the trees and to allow myself to consider where my gifts were in this situation.  I believe that if you are open to them - they are always there in any situation.

And there it was... as plain as day, the gentle, loving, encouraging vote of confidence from the universe that has never failed to have my back and help me on to each next place on my path.  I tried to argue with it at first, but that only made that not so great feeling in my stomach feel stronger.  I tried this notion on for awhile.  I talked it over with a trusted confidante.  Look at that - not only did my stomach start to feel right, my heart and head followed suit.  And there was the truth.  My new truth with regard to this part of my life that I had always done, that I knew was just right for me but that was suddenly changing. 

This "failure" was my opportunity to think and feel through a decision that I have made, for years, on auto-pilot.  This is important because my path is in transition right now and listening is likely the most important "action" step I can take these days, accordingly.

You see, there are (annoyingly enough) only 7 days in each week and 24 hours in each precious day.  My dreams exceed that count, by a mile and these days - my ability to manifest those dreams do too.    Right now, what I leave out is as important as what I include - in the name of balance, health, love, my family and in the name of giving a more whole self to the work that I am supposed to be doing right now.

It is all changing right now and I guess I just forgot to look fresh at the things I choose to put on my schedule.  This "failure" really made me stop in my tracks and ask "why did that happen?"  It gifted me the opportunity to listen - and to update my priorities - match my action choices with my stated intention and to maintain congruency through this transition/growth period on my professional path.

Listen through the Transition - is the most powerful action you will take!