Today's Economy is the Perfect Climate for Our Medicine

Today's economy has shifted the way we value products and services and right now meaning and creativity have taken their place at the forefront.

While everyone is "crying" about the economy, why not take a step back and ask yourself… "where is the upside here?"  Because in every shift there is opportunity.  Where is the opportunity here?  The opportunity is for the "artist" right now.  This extends beyond painting and poetry all the way through work that requires creativity and meaning.  Practicing natural medicine is the center through which creativity and meaning flow in my professional life.  What is this work if it is not creative and meaningful?  That is why i have always said "it is my passion, my hobby, my sport" because it is such a creative a meaningful process to deliver with and for my patients that I just can't put it down, can't walk away from it - it follow me everywhere… through dreams and downtime, through art and science and everything that crosses my path… there is inspiration for my medicine and it all carries me back to my medicine while my medicine is carrying me forward into each of these things - where I lead a deeply fulfilling life accordingly.

In examining the current economy and its effect on industry, the book Linchpin by Seth Godin "Now more than ever artists are being paid more than at any time in history" and when he talks about artists Seth is talking about people that bring a high level of creativity and meaning to their work.

This really makes me want to reach out even more so (as if that was even possible!)… to my colleagues and guide them in what I call "RePassionating" their work.  Not only will that change the world for the better ("one doc at a time", as I like to say), firmly establish natural medicine as a (wildly needed) option for people on this planet, secure the companies, institutions, associations and teachings that serve this profession for growth and viability to sustain their development on behalf of better medicine for everyone - it will simply fully engage our world's best healers to experience and deliver their work at the highest level.  Where is the down-side to this mission I carry in my heart that I am now translating to a project called Success Bootcamp Rx?  I can't see any downside!

Last week I attended the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Convention in Bellevue, WA.  I was humbled (hard to pull off, by the way lol) and so deeply moved by the reception that I received across all channels of the profession that I moved into this zen-like state of peace and purpose that (being a type A tightly wound individual) doesn't come naturally to me when I am full-on working from a passionate place among 800 of my closest friends and colleagues.  And yet, there I was… zen. 

Then, there was one - and I mean only one - person that I sat down with that took their time wrapping their mind around all of this.  Being so universally, not just well received, but frankly celebrated by association leaders, company owners, school presidents and my colleagues - that the question they asked me (and this is very hard to do) caught me squarely off guard!  They asked "why do you care?"

It was everything I was made up, to stop myself from asking back "why don't you?" 

Our collective success has such an interconnectivity that we (natural medicine docs, the companies, associations, schools that serve us and the people… the people that so need our healthcare and don't yet all have access to it - the people on this planet) might as well be marching to the beat of the same heart on this matter.  How is it possible that I wouldn't care?!?!

Now is our time.  This awful economy isn't so awful after all for people working through creativity and meaning and that is what we do, by definition.  Gone are the stiff, plastic, meaningless business strategies that came before - people aren't interested in that anymore.  They want the "real deal" and colleagues… we are the real deal.  We practice from the heart, having made incredible front-end investments in our minds and that combination, my friends… is the perfect storm for healing this planet.  Step up with your creation and meaning - the world is craving your good work.