Consistency “treats the cause” for Feeling Good in your Practice

They say that in your practice you should establish and maintain consistency in the way that “everyday” administrative and logistical matters are handled, delivered and experienced. I know that part of my “secret to success” is that I am clear, to the point and I make a point.  My patients know why we are doing the work we are doing (Naturopathic Principle:  Doctor as Teacher – very dear to my core values) and my directions to them are crystal clear and organized.  It has great meaning for those that engage in my care.  And many patients have told me this directly, having had other less-clear and less-satisfying experiences in their quest for natural health care in the past.  So… no one leaves my office wondering what they should do, why, or how.  Ever.  This is the powerful first step to their getting what they came for, which means everything to me… which, is “better”.  They want to get better. 

But lets talk more on the management of the practice - which in my world, honestly, could use an overhaul. You see, when I come across a practice that does this right (unless it is a chain) it is rare... but I feel it... I sense it... I LOVE it... there is a consistency to their ways.  And that just makes me feel good about working with their practice.  Every little thing.  You can count on it to be that way.  You don't get offered a cup of tea one day and left thirsty the next.  There is always tea.  It is like that.  Small businesses (and lets face it – if you are in practice, you are a small business) well, this isn’t our strong point.  I am committed to improving this going forward in my practice.  I think it is one of those little things that is a pain in the back side to set up, and you forget to set it up because you don't see the forest for the trees.  You are obsessed with your actual medicine, you are way outside of your comfort zone (healing) to get the business up and keep it going (business) and this little thing seems like something that doesn’t really matter... but it does matter.  It is a BIG deal for the way people feel about working with you and your business and seriously... at the end of the day, I have learned... that yes my good work and my results are essential to my success... but that is only part of the story… the way people FEEL about me and working with me and my practice is the other half and that half is HUGE.  People that have trusted me with their care have made it very clear that they feel good about me and my two assistants... because we are good... we are present, we fully commit to delivering, we really sincerely care and we are just good people that are helpful by nature... but then there is the rest... the office space, the consistency in what they can expect with each interaction... I have come a long way on the office space and it even makes me feel good to be in that space.  My patients have made many comments about how they love how it feels to be in our space… and still our practice might be in Kindergarten with the rest.  What we mostly do is "the best we can and the nicest we can think of and muster that day" and that isn't good enough.  We need to make a plan about how we want people to experience each interaction and then follow that "protocol" so to speak. 

Easier said than done but I am going to commit myself to it.  What administrative and logistical areas of your practice could use a fresh-look and a “protocol” for consistency?