Put Your Fire First

Put Your Fire First

Recently I had a chance to feature my medicine to an audience (once again) and I chose to make a conscious effort to "put my fire first".  It was my little experiment on "attraction."

Of less concern, this time, I decided - was my hair, my posture and the perfect choice and flow of words.  (This was like putting crack down... I love these things, most especially the perfect choice and flow of words).

What I traded up for, was the fire that I feel when I tell the exciting story of my medicine topics.  I decided to let that run free!

Accordingly I was more animated and my face lit up with a much bigger smile than this usually stoic German face carries.

Result:  DOUBLE the response.  I attracted DOUBLE the usual response.  Interesting.  Lovely.  And... so FABULOUS to know that NO amount of professional marketing perfection beats my own authentic enthusiasm and passion for my work. 

We are enough.  We simply have to let our medicine shine through us.  The world is waiting! - CLD