Content Doctors Should Blog About

What type of content should doctors include in their blog?

GREAT question!

I often struggle with content myself. What do doctors want to know about?

How can I help them? Am I really listening to their needs?

Answer: I can get better at listening to doctors’ needs and answering them in this blog and so can you with your blog!

Why should I blog as a doctor?

This is an easy answer in my point of view. Doctors are always asking about SEO and some spend lots of dollars to get to the top of search engines.

But search engines are very crafty these days. Good content is the way to get to the top of the search engine pile. Search engines are there to help answer questions from Web surfers. So we need to think more like our patients. What do they want to know from us? What are they interested in finding out about you and your practice?

Let’s take this example:

Are you a specialist in the treatment of Menopause?

Think of the questions your patients ask everyday about Menopause. Write those questions down. I’ll bet you’ll have at least 20 in no time.

Each of those questions become blog topics. - and a few short paragraphs become answers.

For instance: Can Menopause be controlled by Hormone Therapy or BHRT?

Does Menopause cause Osteoporosis?

Will my hot flashes ever go away?

How can I control hot flashes?

Your content will be relevant, your website clicked on and patients will look to you and your practice for answers.

In a few short months or even weeks your website will begin to show up in higher search engine ranking.

Remember SEO is all about good content. Good content induces trust with your patients, and prospective patients. Good blogging helps the right patient find you and your office!!

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