To Brand or Not to Brand?

Loyal followers of SBRX and graduates of 90 Days to Practice Transformation know that I am always talking about the value of branding a practice.

Brand, brand, brand -- that’s the message, and 90 Day participants quickly learn that I’m not rattling on like an OCD on a soap box, but speaking from a professional perspective about proven techniques..

The more you can define your practice, the easier and quicker you attract those persons seeking the valuable healing you provide.

So…..Here’s an absolutely true story I want to share with you

Yours truly, Karyn Wagner, is attending  a online marketing conference.  

At the networking cocktail party, I quite innocently ask a young woman nearby the most standard of standard ice breaking questions, ‘What do you do?”

Our exchange runs like this:

She replies, “I help life coaches with their branding.”

“Oh cool,” I say,  “I help health care practitioners brand their businesses. I try to help them specialize so that patients can find them.”
“Oh my gosh!” she exclaims. “I have fibroids and I am desperate to find a ND who specializes in Fibroids.. but no one tells me what they do or specialize in... So I can’t find one.  Can you help me??”

You can’t make this stuff up -- at least I can’t.

Doctors, can you help patients?

Yes! They are looking for you!

They want to find you.

But are you doing everything you can to help them find you?

Are you following the basic steps laid out in 90 Days to Practice Transformation?

Are you telling patients what  you specialize in?

The story I related involves a highly educated professional, someone actively seeking an ND . A professional! And she conceded she didn’t know where to begin!

Are you telling prospective patients -- all your patients -- about your incredible services?

Don’t take anything for granted.

Don’t assume “they’ll figure it out.”

They won’t.  

Remember the SBRX mantra: Who are you? What is your brand?

There are hundred upon hundreds of individuals just like the life-coach I met looking for you.

Are you making it easy for them to find you?