Begin It NOW

Begin it NOW is our manifesto for the New Year and our new business, Success Bootcamp Rx.  Dr Carrie Louise Daenell (or CLD as I like to refer to her) and I (aka Kew) are so excited about the opportunities to interact with all types of healthcare practitioners to help make their practices ROCK. I say help, because the first step is sometimes the hardest; the decision to just START and not be concerned about the outcome, success or not. “Only Successful People Fail!” (Sorry, don’t know who to quote on that one--I have been saying it for years--but it’s one of my favorites).

If you never try, you, of course, cannot fail. So what will it take to make your practice succeed this year? Hire a business coach, open a new office, leave that practice that just doesn’t pay and sucks the life out of you? Find new patients?

Learn a new protocol? Develop your own protocol? Finish your website? Find time for Social Media?

 Stay tuned for some meaty ideas here and JOIN US:  Begin it NOW!