Patient Satisfaction is everything!

The Follow-Up Call

How do you follow up with your patients? How do you make sure their level of satisfaction is high and their expectations have been met?
Patient Satisfaction is such an important part of your referral system and practice building. There was an old saying in the restaurant business (formerly I owned two restaurants in NYC) “If a customer had a great meal they tell a few people. If a customer had a bad meal they tell EVERYBODY.” And this, in day and age when patients can do a few clicks on Yelp, is of utmost importance.

Here are some good examples of great patient (read: customer) service:

Peter Koshland, the great compounding pharmacist headquartered in San Francisco, recently wanted to send out an e-newsletter and realized he did not have all of his patients email addresses. He combined two best practices in one and had his staff call a few days after each refill and asked them: 1- how was their medication? and
2 - to confirm their email addresses.  Great job Peter!

My dentist, Fred Pockrass, The Transcendentist™ (you gotta love the name!) calls personally in the evening after every procedure that may involve pain. Wow! He is right there and if pain did exist, I know he would go the next step to prescribe and see me right away the next day to resolve the problem.

Do you know how many times I recommend these great services?

Another doctor I met with the other day follows up with patients and if they are not happy somehow, eagerly refunds their dollars. Mind you, she does not do this often, but she finds everyone, including her, is happier. Who wants to walk around with unhappy patients in their life?  Aside from bad word of mouth, the cosmic review board will get you in the end! And don’t just offer to refund, get to the root of the problem, make sure you show your genuine concern (You just may be able to keep that fee after all).

Are your patients on a new protocol? Are they feeling the new energy from the supplements you prescribed? Was their acupuncture helpful?  Are the symptoms subsiding?
Nothing beats a personal call, if not from you directly, then from your office assistant.
Patient Satisfaction is everything!