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Your Chart Notes Matter: They Protect You Legally

Yes, mistakes can happen.

And when you work with other doctors, your charts can come up for review.

Dr. Mona will show you how to keep your charts in perfect order -- and “being in order” is the best defense against potential lawsuits.

Protect yourself. Understanding charting protects you legally against malpractice.

No More Delays, No More Non-Payment

Knowing the “Golden Rule” of good charting removes barriers to non-payment.

How would you like to feel confident that you can

  • Reduce confusion over billing
  • Cut down, even eliminate, delays
  • Receive insurance payments consistently, without hassle and inconvenience for you and your patients

Now you can!

Learn How to Take Charge of Charting

In Simple Charting and Billing  Dr. Mona will show you the steps you need to know to avoid common pitfalls and master the charting and billing process.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Turn fear of non-payment from insurance companies, or delayed payments -- into prompt receipts
  • Overcome concern about appearing unprofessional to patients not receiving reimbursements for major charges by confidently navigating the insurance system
  • Cut through any confusion about coding -- did you chart enough, or did you provide too much detail? -- and master the art of charting
  • Stop worrying about being audited

Your patients will Appreciate Your Expertise

With Dr. Mona’s guidance you’ll quickly understand the language, signs and symbols central to charting and billing -- and marvel as you become “fluent” in the realm of insurance terminology!

With your new skills, your patients will fall in love with your superior customer service.