Simple Charting & Billing

The ICD 10's Are Coming!

Learn the Golden Rules of the NEW CODES from an Expert -- and Breathe Easy!

It’s easy to join the huge number of doctors already signed on for nationally recognized expert Dr Mona Fahoum’s Hello! Simple Charting and Billing -- now completely updated to account for the imminent changes in ICD 10.

One Expert. One Program. One Big Weight Off Your Shoulders

We will be making the new ICD Codes accessible and easy to follow!

Saturday, April 12, 8:00 AM- 1:00pm PST includes 2 extensive Q and A sessions

Monday  May 12, 2014 and May 19, 2014  5:30 PM - 8:00 PM PDT with extensive Q and A sessions.

It’s the first step in preparing yourself -- and your practice - for the sweeping changes coming with ICD 10.

Dr Mona Fahoum breaks down each and every change that’s essential to your practice. Quite frankly, Dr Mona is a genius at untying knotty rules and regs and making sense of coding that can complicated -- to say the least.

Why struggle by yourself to make sense of the new codes?

Join Dr Mona and get the inside scoop -- quickly, simply, expertly from the most renowned coding expert in the field. 

Get your practice on the fast track for ICD 10.

There’s just no reason to let yourself be buried by the massive changes that are headed your way.

Hello! Simple Charting and Billing, now thoroughly updated for ICD 10, provides everything you need to make this the most seamless transition you’ve ever experienced.

Your Patients Will Thank You

Joining Dr Mona means you’re more than ready to handle the paperwork to guarantee your patients insurance is processed quickly and efficiently.

Yes! You can eliminate hassles that are inconvenient to your patients and burdensome for you and your staff.

CLICK HERE and sign up now and breathe easy;  be comfortably prepared.

You will have access to this comprehensive program for a full year.

(If you have already purchased Hello! Simple Charting and Billing, you enjoy FREE access to this updated version. It’s just another perk from SBRX.)

Who's Talking

Proper Charting and Billing = Peace of Mind

Dr. Mona Fahoum  

Dr. Mona Fahoum 

I am a graduate of Bastyr University practicing family medicine in Seattle, Washington.

Outside my practice I teach charting and coding at Bastyr and serve as President for the Washington  Association of Naturopathic Physicians. (WANP).

While my primary passion will always be healing by delivering outstanding patient care, I have learned the value of correct practice management and successful billing.

My experience as a naturopathic physician and before that, as the primary billing specialist at an integrated medical clinic, has shown that being able to provide peace of mind through proper billing and administrative procedures contributes immeasurably to maintaining the well being of patients. 

I hope you join us for ICD10 Simple Charting and Billing. Peace of mind is a beautiful feeling! 



Features. Benefit. Cost.

Your Chart Notes Matter: They Protect You Legally

Yes, mistakes can happen.

And when you work with other doctors, your charts can come up for review.

Dr. Mona will show you how to keep your charts in perfect order -- and “being in order” is the best defense against potential lawsuits.

Protect yourself. Understanding charting protects you legally against malpractice.

No More Delays, No More Non-Payment

Knowing the “Golden Rule” of good charting removes barriers to non-payment.

How would you like to feel confident that you can

  • Reduce confusion over billing
  • Cut down, even eliminate, delays
  • Receive insurance payments consistently, without hassle and inconvenience for you and your patients

Now you can!

Learn How to Take Charge of Charting

In Simple Charting and Billing  Dr. Mona will show you the steps you need to know to avoid common pitfalls and master the charting and billing process.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Turn fear of non-payment from insurance companies, or delayed payments -- into prompt receipts
  • Overcome concern about appearing unprofessional to patients not receiving reimbursements for major charges by confidently navigating the insurance system
  • Cut through any confusion about coding -- did you chart enough, or did you provide too much detail? -- and master the art of charting
  • Stop worrying about being audited

Your patients will Appreciate Your Expertise

With Dr. Mona’s guidance you’ll quickly understand the language, signs and symbols central to charting and billing -- and marvel as you become “fluent” in the realm of insurance terminology!

With your new skills, your patients will fall in love with your superior customer service.







Where is the class being held?

Right in your own living room or office!  Heck even in your PJ's if you want. These are LIVE webinars. Recorded and archived in case you oversleep!

Is this course just for new doctors?

No! Many seasoned professionals take the class to brush up on their charting skills. In addition, they are looking to cut admin times and maximize insurance reimbursement dollars.

Is this class CE approved?

No. It has not been approved for CE.

What if I can’t attend the whole day?

The class is recorded and on a password protected site. You may view and review the presentation whenever you like.
Please use your primary email. Only one email log-in allowed as site is secured.

I am in a state that doesn’t accept insurance.  Is this webinar still useful for me?

Yes, absolutely! Your charts are the lifeblood of your practice. Even if insurance Billing is not an issue, you will gain incredibly valuable, practical information in Dr. Mona’s charting module.

Is there a Q and A?

Yes, there will be a Q and A during the presentation as well as a private LinkedIN site for asking further questions and discussion.

I am an out of network practitioner. Is this course for me?

Yes! You can learn how to accept insurance and build your practice. Why be intimidated by billing?  Learn the rules, avoid common errors that lead to re-do’s and stop worrying that your patients won’t be reimbursed.

Is this webinar jargon filled? Will I be overwhelmed?

Dr. Mona Fahoum is an authority in this field. She possesses a remarkable ability to communicate the subject matter in a clear and direct manner. Yes, there will be new terms to learn, but with Dr. Mona and Karyn Wagner leading the way, you’ll never get lost.

Do I have to take both sessions?

 You may sign up for only what you need! While both sessions offer tons of great information, if you only want to work on Charting, sign up for the 2 hour Charting module. Otherwise, sign up for the entire 5-hour session to get the ‘whole enchilada’.

What payment options are available?

We are offering a substantial discount for Early Bird registration.  If you join before September 15, the pricing is as follows:

2 - hour module, Simple Charting, only - $99. 2 payments available! Click Here Regularly, $150.

5 - hour entire session, Charting plus Billing 2 payments available! Click Here - $275.  Regularly, $350.