Ask Dr. Mona

Billing and Practice Management Consulting for Success

Introducing Ask Dr. Mona-- the new resource I have created to address billing and practice management questions and concerns of naturopathic doctors.

I have designed Ask Dr Mona for practitioners who are:

-- Unsure how to set-up a new practice,

-- Just getting started with insurance

-- Looking to improve your existing systems to increase the  bottom line

 Comprehensive Resources and Services for NDs

You’ll find a comprehensive package of resources and services especially created to support ND offices.

You and your staff can turn to me for help with:

-- Organizing the Front Desk to improve billing efficiency and customer service

-- Creating a custom billing office flow to help you minimize outstanding balances from     patients and insurance companies -- and maximize your income

-- Learning or implementing your electronic billing software

-- Creating forms for insurance compliance and improved patient care and work flow

-- Instructing you (or your employees) on charting requirements and coding rules

-- Conducting a “Chart Review” to assess how you’re doing and identify areas of     improvement to reduce, even eliminate, future insurance issues and audits

 How it Works

I’ve tailored Ask Dr. Mona to be flexible in order to meet differing needs and schedules of individual doctors.

You can receive personalized one-on-one consulting in 3 or 6-hour time allotments.  Working together, we can very efficiently help you improve your bottom line.  

Meetings are available in person or via internet.

-- If you’re located in the Seattle area, we can meet in person.

-- If you are located elsewhere in Western Washington, a small additional mileage fee applies for a personal meeting

-- If you’re out of the area, I am available via internet

 My Passion: Your Paperwork

I have been involved in insurance billing and office management for fifteen years, having built a very successful practice in Seattle.  

It is my passion to see our profession flourish, and one of the primary ways we can accomplish that is by serving our patients.

In order to do that, a successful practice must have an office to support you and your work!  Don’t get burnout from the paperwork!  

Together, we can make these tasks less of a headache - as we build your practice’s bottom line

 What My Clients Have to Say

I look forward to serving you as I did Dr. Brandy Lipscomb who had this to say:

“Dr. Mona Fahoum came to my aid when I was faced with devastating billing errors. Within a few hours of being in my office, she managed to give us clear and precise guidance on how to remedy those errors AND implemented a design that gave us better control of the insurance billing process. Since that time, my accounts receivable have been cut in half and our office runs with much more harmony. Thank You Dr. Mona!!”

So, contact me right away to schedule your meeting. Let’s get started!

Contact info for questions:

( you may choose a 3 hour or a 6 hour consulting package- just pull down from the drop down menu)

Consultation Packages

6 hours $550.00 USD

3 hours $300.00 USD