45 Days to Practice Transformation

Here it is: The Class you have been asking for!

I took my highly highly successful 90 Days to Practice Transformation, sleeked it down and made it tight to work for your schedules.

It is scheduled JUST in time for the NEW YEAR -- the mother lode of new business.

AND if you follow 45 Days. You WILL be busy.

Really busy!

So what’s the program all about?

45 Minutes. 45 Days. We'll Transform Your Practice!


Let's Begin!  Here's what we have in store for you:

Bonus Self Study:
The Power of Yes (with a little help from your calendar)  Watch this webinar before we begin.  Be ready to make it all happen from DAY ONE of the Class.

Sessions 1 & 2

To Brand Or Not To Brand? That Is Not A Question! -
Creating a “brand” that is unique to your practice engages your prospective patients. Identify who you are, what you do, and how you are different. Using worksheets and homework, we walk you through a complete step-by-step process to create your personality brand and then APPLY it -- Powerfully. Creatively. Effectively -- to everything you do. These two modules are core to our entire program. Don’t even try to skip these steps!
Upon Completion: Your powerful, authentic and clear brand message about who you are and what you have to offer will be ready to sing to the rafters! We rock-et out with 2 live sessions.
PLUS bonus videos from the success stories of our former 90 Days Members. What they did!  What's working and WHY!

Bonus Session:
Dr. Holly Lucille -- Something to Talk About.
You’ve got the power to change the world. Let’s hear how our Advisory Board Member Dr. Holly Lucille helps natural medicine doctors talk fluently and persuasively about their work, their brand, their skills. This is one awesome self- study presentation!
Upon Completion:  You will have the drive, the direction and the know-how to create buzz in your practice.

Session #3

These are powerful sources of FREE Advertising.
We are going to show you how to take the powerful brand statements we learned in Sessions 1 & 2 and squeeze out every last drop to make them work and work and work for you in ALL your Social Media efforts. You are going to learn about the power of LinkedIN, the power of Yelp and the power of Google Places and Google+. Don’t have a lot of time? Let’s not waste it!
Upon Completion:  You will be inspired and informed on how targeted online tools can actually help grow your practice.

Session #4
Your Website and SEO
End your website shame. Learn how to make some quick fixes. Or, if you need a total overhaul, we’ll show you how to instruct a new designer on exactly what you need to do. SEO? We are going to demystify the process. YOU can easily manage your own SEO and get closer to the top of the Google heap.
Upon Completion: You will know exactly which direction you must go in order to "take back" your website and how "Search Engine Optimization" really works in this modern era.

Session #5
Strategic Partners and Referrals
These are among the MOST POWERFUL forms of marketing at your disposal. Set them in marketing motion, and you’ll start to really make things happen.
Upon Completion: You will be on your way to enhancing referrals in your practice from patients that already love and believe in you.

Session #6

Wrap it all up
Marketing tools.  Email Marketing - NEWest Tips!, Newsletters - forget about them. They are old school. Learn about the one-two punch of a BLOG and RSS feed (new speak for newsletters). YES! We can make it easy.  Learn how to get your message out to the world and to patients who want to work with you, and to line up outside the door.
Upon Completion:  You will have a new set of skills to maintain the balance that allows you to truly enjoy your well-deserved success.


We made the classes SO Easy!  6 Classes, 2 Bonus Classes, 3 mini- Social Media Classes, All Available 24/7 and 6 Group Coaching Calls!

That's a whole lot of transformation going on!!