45 Days to Practice Transformation

Here it is: The Class you have been asking for!

I took my highly highly successful 90 Days to Practice Transformation, sleeked it down and made it tight to work for your schedules.

It is scheduled JUST in time for the NEW YEAR -- the mother lode of new business.

AND if you follow 45 Days. You WILL be busy.

Really busy!

So what’s the program all about?

45 Minutes. 45 Days. We'll Transform Your Practice!


Let's Begin!  Here's what we have in store for you:

Bonus Self Study:
The Power of Yes (with a little help from your calendar)  Watch this webinar before we begin.  Be ready to make it all happen from DAY ONE of the Class.

Sessions 1 & 2

To Brand Or Not To Brand? That Is Not A Question! -
Creating a “brand” that is unique to your practice engages your prospective patients. Identify who you are, what you do, and how you are different. Using worksheets and homework, we walk you through a complete step-by-step process to create your personality brand and then APPLY it -- Powerfully. Creatively. Effectively -- to everything you do. These two modules are core to our entire program. Don’t even try to skip these steps!
Upon Completion: Your powerful, authentic and clear brand message about who you are and what you have to offer will be ready to sing to the rafters! We rock-et out with 2 live sessions.
PLUS bonus videos from the success stories of our former 90 Days Members. What they did!  What's working and WHY!

Bonus Session:
Dr. Holly Lucille -- Something to Talk About.
You’ve got the power to change the world. Let’s hear how our Advisory Board Member Dr. Holly Lucille helps natural medicine doctors talk fluently and persuasively about their work, their brand, their skills. This is one awesome self- study presentation!
Upon Completion:  You will have the drive, the direction and the know-how to create buzz in your practice.

Session #3

These are powerful sources of FREE Advertising.
We are going to show you how to take the powerful brand statements we learned in Sessions 1 & 2 and squeeze out every last drop to make them work and work and work for you in ALL your Social Media efforts. You are going to learn about the power of LinkedIN, the power of Yelp and the power of Google Places and Google+. Don’t have a lot of time? Let’s not waste it!
Upon Completion:  You will be inspired and informed on how targeted online tools can actually help grow your practice.

Session #4
Your Website and SEO
End your website shame. Learn how to make some quick fixes. Or, if you need a total overhaul, we’ll show you how to instruct a new designer on exactly what you need to do. SEO? We are going to demystify the process. YOU can easily manage your own SEO and get closer to the top of the Google heap.
Upon Completion: You will know exactly which direction you must go in order to "take back" your website and how "Search Engine Optimization" really works in this modern era.

Session #5
Strategic Partners and Referrals
These are among the MOST POWERFUL forms of marketing at your disposal. Set them in marketing motion, and you’ll start to really make things happen.
Upon Completion: You will be on your way to enhancing referrals in your practice from patients that already love and believe in you.

Session #6

Wrap it all up
Marketing tools.  Email Marketing - NEWest Tips!, Newsletters - forget about them. They are old school. Learn about the one-two punch of a BLOG and RSS feed (new speak for newsletters). YES! We can make it easy.  Learn how to get your message out to the world and to patients who want to work with you, and to line up outside the door.
Upon Completion:  You will have a new set of skills to maintain the balance that allows you to truly enjoy your well-deserved success.


We made the classes SO Easy!  6 Classes, 2 Bonus Classes, 3 mini- Social Media Classes, All Available 24/7 and 6 Group Coaching Calls!

That's a whole lot of transformation going on!!



What's it all About?

So…you ask:

Why 45 Days to Practice Transformation?

The answer is two words:  YOU and ME.

For years I worked with doctors, helping them market and brand, helping them set-up their practices, helping them succeed.

Firsthand I saw what works -- and what doesn’t.

More than that I saw that YOU don’t have a lot of time for complicated and expensive theory and process.

It’s only a slight exaggeration to say I was “enlightened".

I learned to …

  • Assemble knowledge in one place…
  • Make it simple to understand and implement…
  • Teach a group…
  • Create a community…
  • Share and succeed…

These became my mantras!

Now, when I teach I use a method that works for doctors because it was built for doctors like you.

45 Days, 6 Weeks, 1 Major Transformation!

In the 45 Day 6 week online training program you will learn, step-by-step, how to

  • Build a unique and profitable brand for your medical practice
  • Market more effectively
  • Create your online presence.

And you’ll reach your goal in record time, a month and a half.

You will speed the process (taking all the curves carefully, of course!) of reaching the performance level you’ve always dreamed about.

Learning for Busy Professionals!

Every module is delivered in multimedia format. . .because I KNOW you‘re busy!
You watch and learn from your computer, iPad or iPhone.
You also receive interactive PDF worksheets, resource guides and copies of every slide presentation.
Everything is built to help you gain and retain valuable knowledge -- on your schedule! 


There’s Marketing…and Then There’s Marketing a Practice!

I know the difference -- and I know you know, too!
Marketing gurus?  Sure, they are everywhere.
I’m sure you have heard the promises, all of them:  solve all your problems, make your dreams come true, and on and on.
One problem.
One size does not fit all.
Most of these gurus re-hash conventional wisdom, strategy and tactics not specific to our industry.
I created SBRX marketing training from my years of listening to you, in office after office, waiting room after waiting room.
45 Days is created specifically for doctors.
Specifically about marketing, branding and social media for healthcare.
Our doctors succeed.
Check out what others have to say....


Making the Right First Impression with Your Website
Your website greets patients, current and prospective, 24/7, 365 days a year -- and even in a Leap Year!
What does it say about you?
What SHOULD it say about your practice?
For all too many doctors, their website is the first -- and last -- impression people ever have…before they click away to someone else.

You can learn to make your website stunning -- without paying an arm and a leg.
You will see how to tell visitors, in simple yet elegant language, what you do, what areas you specialize in and why they can trust you.
You will master the art of using the CALL TO ACTION and make it clear what you want the reader to do. After all, they got to your site, now what?
You’ll discover the value of having your site optimized for mobile devices. That’s increasingly important as users shift away from desktop searches.
You’ll learn how to improve your search ranking on Google.
You will understand the online “scan path” needed to craft compelling
copy in the digital age.

Whew, that sounds like a LOT.
I make it amazingly clear and easy to do!











Features. Benefit. Cost.

See What Awaits You in 45 Days!

Each week a new course module delivered to your inbox. Watch it anytime- 24/7. Each week a little homework. Each week a group coaching call- Thursdays 12 PST.

I can’t get into the full course here that I will in the program, but here are a few tantalizing appetizers for you, including:

  • Organization
  • Understanding and use of social media
  • Branding
  • Selling/Promoting yourself on value not price
  • Creating an effective -- not just pretty -- website
  • Asking for referrals the proper way -- AND MORE!

Okay, here’s a little more to taste and chew on…

Putting Your Great Ideas to Work- The Power of YES!

Having great ideas is the easy part. We all stumble when it comes to follow through. Doctors are especially prone to lose momentum because you’re so crazy busy all the time.
What to do?
With the help of my Power of Yes module you will create a master calendar.
This master calendar will enable you to set aside enough time to finish all your projects in a timely fashion.
You’ll learn the secret of having a rolling calendar for 90 Days.

YES, it is as simple as Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

Creating a Premium Brand or Practice.

Money, money, money.
You need to make a living, right?
You need to pay those student loans?
You feel you have to remain competitive on price?
Maybe there are other money issues. We all know the struggle.
It doesn’t have to be a struggle!
You will learn how to take the single most important step toward success by elevating the perceived value of your practice.
What does that mean?

It means, you will NEVER have to compete on price again!

Even if you’re just starting out there are effective techniques to show you how to command premium prices for your services.

Let me show you how! 

Using -- and Not Being Used Up By -- Social Media

Social media can be a swamp. A time suck.
Whether you are new, a beginner, or have some familiarity, at an intermediate level, I will guide you through the ins and outs of social media.

GETTING STARTED WITH FACEBOOK is a valuable bonus module for beginners and intermediate levels.These self study modules, which you can access on your schedule, show you how to set up your profile and your page step by step.

Best of all, I will show you how to avoid the sinkholes of social media, the bottomless crevices into which so many stumble.
You can make social media work for you with proven techniques -- and a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.
You will learn how to write head-turning headlines, blog post titles, video titles and social media updates that command attention.

YES, you can cut through the clutter!




Do you want to:

  • Build a brand that accurately and vividly represents your practice?
  • Use Social Media as FREE Advertising?
  • Make LinkedIn, Yelp and other popular sites work for you?
  • Use your web site effectively to create a sound first impression?
  • Develop and stage successful events to build key relationships?
  • Solicit referrals from your patients -- without pressure or stress?
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other businesses?

If you want any one or all of these things, 45 Days to Practice Transformation is for you!
You’ll amaze yourself at what you learn -- and how you put it to work -- in a mere month and a half!
I want to close with…


This is from me personally, from Karyn. It is a last bit of description that I feel will make or break your experience with 45 Days -- and indeed, make or break your practice!

The 45 Days experience & curriculum is carefully designed so that you complete each module, one at a time each week, and complete the corresponding action plans, in order.  I put them together in this order for a reason. You cannot be effective on your website and social media if you have not first defined your brand. Nothing will look cohesive. Patients will not get the message and they won’t be able to find you or understand you if they do stumble on your site.
What I’m saying is…Join us and be prepared to follow our steps. Don’t skip them. Please. I’m flexible about a LOT of things, but this is vital for YOUR success.
Follow the steps and YES, you will find Practice Transformation Success!!

(PS- there is of course my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and I will refund your money!)


Who's Talking


Karyn Wagner

Co-Creator and Visionary of Success Bootcamp RX. Creator of 90 Days to Practice Transformation, Cure for the Common Website and $101 Practice Start-Up.

All about me.  (bio)

Dr. Andrew Brandeis


Dr. Andrew Brandeis is a Naturopathic Doctor, healthcare technology consultant, and co-founder of the collaborative clinical reference SharePractice.



Andrew Brandeis.jpeg

Dr. Holly Lucille


An acclaimed expert in the field of natural medicine, Dr. Holly Lucille, a.k.a “Dr. Holly” has a compassionate and heartfelt passion for the wellness of every individual. She maintains her private practice in the Los Angeles area and is a nationally recognized author and educator. Offering interesting and compelling insights and expert commentary, Dr. Holly has been featured in various media outlets including, print, radio and television.









Are the classes recorded?

Yes!  We know you are busy.  Each Module will be recorded and archived on a password protected site.  You can watch it at any time of day and join us for the coaching calls each Thursday at 9:00 AM PST (that's 12:00 PM EST) or 12:00 PST.

What time zones will you be teaching?

Our Self Study Sessions make the sessions available whenever you have time! You can access 24/7. Anytime of day!!
And you can have access to the LIVE group coaching calls each Thursday at 9:00 AM PST (that's 12:00 PM EST) or 12:00 PST. If you can't make the LIVE calls- just send in your questions and we will answer your questions and send you the recording!

How do I log into the LIVE Group Coaching sessions?

If you are going to be on LIVE, you will be logging into a Go To Meeting Session.  We send reminders the day before and 1 hour before the session.
If you are going to listen to the recording, you will log into a password protected site (one log in per person)

More questions?

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