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Marketing, Technology
& Practice Management 


Creating communities 
of practitioners sharing 
ideas & experiences.

  • Understanding Marketing
  • Expand your presence in key forums that affect your patients 
  • Expand your practice by creating protocols 

How does SBRX Work?

How this Works: 1. Free Webinars, 2. One-on-One Consultation, 3. Group Seminars


1. Free Webinars

We provide free webinars to doctors. Some of these are conducted by your peers who are in the process of transforming their practices. 

2. One-on-One Consultation

We regularly consult one on one with practitioners to get them up to speed FAST

3. Group Seminars

We provide cost effective group seminars for practitioners to learn the basics AND the fine points of marketing. 


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Select one of our programs below... 

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If you've got 45 minutes and 45 Days, we will transform your practice!

Learn all the newest Tech Tools, Marketing & Practice Management. (for new and growing medical practices)

Learn how to take control of your website and branding!


Dr. Mona, the leading ND expert on Charting & Insurance Billing teaches us the do's and the don'ts!